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Our law firm has a team of legal professionals who are committed to extend impeccable service to its foreign clientele. Our law firm delivers services in the following fields of practice:

  1. Criminal Law – Fraud, Drugs, Imprudence, Negligence, Money Laundering
  2. Bankruptcy law
  3. Civil Law – Breach of Contract, Debt Collection
  4. Family Law – Divorce, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Repudiation
  5. Personal Injury – Torts, Medical Malpractice
  6. Labor Disputes
  7. Intellectual Property Disputes
  8. Trade Disputes
  9. Immigration Law
  10. Property Law
  11. Contract Law
  12. Business Law
  13. Litigation attorneys in Lithuania
  14. Debt collection in Lithuania

The quality of our lawyers in Lithuania represents our strength and we prove this statement by providing practical commercial directions combined with professional and personalized services. Our lawyers legal knowledge and legal experience is translated into clear advice came before your needs. Our law firm in Lithuania focus on getting a positive resolution for your problem by working with a professional team who can solve any specific need in the legal field.

Lithuania is a civil law country. While most laws are codified, the general principles of equity are taken into account in some instances. Stare decisis (precedent) or compliance with former decisions of the Supreme Court is not mandatory, but has a persuasive effect in the adjudication of controversies.

There is no jury system in Lithuania. Cases are decided on the merits of the evidence submitted by the parties. Alternative dispute resolution is encouraged and settlements reached between the parties are respected by the court.

Lithuanian natural and juridical persons, as well as those domiciled in Lithuania can bring suits against any defendant. Non-nationals and non-domiciled persons and entities can sue defendants domiciled in Lithuania. Foreign persons or entities suing in Lithuania doesn’t need to be physically present in the country during the entire course of the suit. A lawyer in Lithuania may file suit on the foreigner’s behalf, and the foreign litigant may reserve personal appearance only when required by the court to give testimony against the contending party. Jurisdiction is determined by law alone. Venue may be waived, or may be subject to the agreement of parties.

Like in most countries, the burden of proof in criminal cases like murder or rape is proof beyond reasonable doubt. On the other hand, civil controversies like breach of contract or rescission require mere preponderance of evidence.

The priority of our law firm is to provide quality legal services by including a system for protecting your confidential information and by regular reports on the state of our activity for your case and for your ongoing projects. Our clients in Lithuania enjoy a comprehensive package of quality legal services including both legal advice and assistance and representation before any Court in Lithuania.

Our lawyers in Lithuania have a solid background consisting in many years of experience in the practice of advocacy at the highest level of professionalism to provide legal advice, legal assistance, judicial and extrajudicial representation in all areas of law.

From the beginning of a business, but also during its development you will need the support of a specialized lawyer in commercial law.

Any of our lawyers specialized in commercial law in Lithuania offers the support needed in drafting the documents of the company by offering you the keys in making the best decisions, but also in the risk assessment of your business.

In terms of commercial law in Lithuania we are able to offer you a wide range of services, from company incorporation, changes of incorporation, commercial contracts – negotiations, drafting, additions, changes, termination, inserts clauses in commercial contracts.

Our lawyers in Lithuania will also take care of any commercial litigation by offering assistance or representation in pre-trial negotiation phase and before the court.

When you want to close a company in Lithuania you should be informed from the start about the actions that must be taken. Wheat-ear the procedure targets a voluntary or a compulsory liquidation, our law firm in Lithuania are able to guide you for each phase.

Tax payments in Lithuania may become a difficult matter for an entrepreneur. By choosing to work with our law firm in Lithuania, you will no longer have worries about tax compliance. We collaborate with experienced accountants in order to provide complete assistance and action for public taxes, payroll, VAT registration and payment and other related financial issues needed for your company’s thriving.

When an individual or legal person refuses to pay its claims the situation may endanger the status of your company and you may come in the impossibility to pay your invoices to the suppliers. To avoid this hire our lawyers in Lithuania to represent you in any debt collection procedure, whether it is about letters of demand, negotiations, lawsuit, attachment, seizure of assets or other relates situations. Our lawyers have successfully solved several debt collection cases and they are up-to-date with all the actions implied in this procedure.

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