Invitation letters for aliens in Lithuania


The Migration Department under the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania does not confirm invitation letters to foreigners.

A natural or legal person (hereinafter – the inviting party) can fill out and submit the application for the invitation approval by accessing the Information system of public services related to the issuance of personal and other documents, consulting services to citizens and foreigners in the Republic of Lithuania (

Decisions regarding the invitation approval or refusal to approve are made at the division of the Migration Service according to the declared residence or office address of the inviting party.

A natural person can submit no more than 20 and a legal person can submit no more than 50 applications to approve an invitation in one calendar year. One application to approve an invitation can be used only for one foreigner. A legal person can apply for the approval of an invitation only for a foreigner, who is a representative of a foreign economic entity, engaged in a business relation with the legal person.

An invitation is confirmed in 3 working days and costs 4.9 EUR.

A confirmed invitation letter confirms the following obligations of the natural or legal person, the department or representative office of the legal person, registered in the Register of Legal Entities (hereinafter – a legal person):

• to ensure that the foreigner coming to the Republic of Lithuania would be provided with appropriate accommodation (in appropriate living quarters, where each adult person that has declared these quarters as his/her place of residence, including the invited foreigner(s), has at least 7 square metres of living space, or a hotel, motel or another place offering accommodation services) during his/her stay in the Republic of Lithuania with a Schengen visa;

• in case of a need to cover the fees, relating to the foreigner’s return or deportation to the state of origin or a state that he/she has a right to go to.

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